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Welcome to my website.
I hope you enjoy browsing the selection of hand-made, original woodcut, linocut and drypoint prints available for sale.


Having painted on and off for many years, I came to printmaking later in life and immediately fell in love with the process. English by birth, I spent 30 years living in northern New Jersey before moving to Delray Beach, FL in the spring of 2018.  For over 25 years, I have vacationed on the Pemaquid Peninsula, ME, and following retirement from a long career in communications and marketing, now enjoy the luxury of living close to water in both Florida and Maine, and devoting more time to my art.


I am inspired and sustained by the beauty and colors of the world around me, and printmaking challenges me to distill my reactions in an effort to convey those feelings to others. There’s a wonderful tension between the contemplative action of carving a block and the excitement of seeing an image come to life on the press. 

Based on photographs I take, my handmade prints are either 'relief' (carved out of linoleum or wood blocks) or 'intaglio' prints (etched into Plexiglass or Solar Plates.)  I specialize in the reduction process: successively carving and adding colors to one block that once completed, can never be used again. I make my hand-pulled prints in extremely limited edition runs - usually no more than six - and no two are identical.

In mid-coast Maine, my prints are available for purchase at Ae Home, Boothbay Harbor, Small Wonder Gallery, Camden, Gifts@136, Damariscotta, and The Walpole Barn, Walpole. They have been exhibited at juried group shows at Kefauver Studio & Gallery and River Arts Gallery, Damariscotta, and displayed in solo shows at River Arts Gallery (2021), the Rising Tide Cooperative, Damariscotta (2018), the First National Bank of Damariscotta (2017), and at Gallery 491, Montclair, NJ (2018). In Florida, my prints are available at The Painted Ox in West Palm Beach and at Snappy Turtle Home in Delray Beach.

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